Friday, October 8, 2010

Item du jour

It has been publicised that CUFFS will be the next big thing in accessories come Summer. From luxe to less, Rachael Ruddick's saltwater crocodile to Pratten's eel-skin cuff, with so many delicious colours and gorgeous materials available, the hardest thing will be choosing which one I want to make mine!

Rachael Ruddick Short Narrow Cuff with Stud Onyx Saltwater Corocodile, $360

Fendi Leather and gold-tone cuff from Net-A-Porter, $255

Pratten Eel Skin leather cuff, $39


  1. Hi dear!!! i see you on chictopia and i totally LOVE your style!!!you're wonderfull!!!i follow your blog immediately :D

  2. Hello!!, i found u in chictopia!, and i want share your look on my blog, may i???... Let me know!!... Bissous!

    Ps- i was trying to follow u, but the app doesnt works on my iPhone! :(

  3. Just found you on are gorgeous! Am now following...can't wait to see more photos
    xo Cara

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